Decorated Sugar Cookies

-Decorated sugar cookies start at $45/dozen for full size cookies. Sweet Batter Bakery specializes in buttercream decorated only. We currently do not decorate in royal icing. More intricate designs or designs that use more than 3 to 4 colors may cost extra. If you would like or prefer a set that contains various sizes of cookies, prices may also vary, please always feel free to inquire with special requests. Customizing is our specialty.

-Edible image is also able to be added to cookies. This is a perfect choice if you’d like to add your child’s art work, graduation pictures, or business logos! This option is $12 extra per sheet of edible paper used. Most times a sheet can hold up to 12 cookie images. This depends on the size of the cookies.

-Individual packaging and bagging is available. Pricing for individual packaging varies by package. Pricing for individual bagging is 25 cents per cookie.

-DIY Cookies Kits are sold by the 2 count, 6 count or 12 count. (2 count come with 2 full size sugar cookie shapes and one 2oz bag of buttercream and a small container of sprinkles $6, the 6 count come with 6 full size sugar cookie shapes, three 2oz bags of buttercream and 2 small containers of sprinkles, the 12 count comes with 12 full size sugar cookie shapes, six 2oz bags of buttercream and 3 small containers of sprinkles.)

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